Planning Ahead

If you are planning for a death that is imminent (i.e., in a matter of days or weeks) visit the Cremstar Cremation Cost Calculator, for an estimate and to email yourself a customized "Order Now" link so that you're ready when the death occurs.

For samples of the questions you’ll need to answer when ordering a Cremstar cremation, or to download a Designation of Agent form to select someone other than the traditional next-of-kin to make decisions regarding the deceased, visit our Forms section. Be aware that for those with “power of attorney” over an individual, legal authority expires when that individual passes, and they are no longer entitled to make decisions as authorizing agent.

If you are planning for the future, here are a few financing options you may wish to consider:

Financial Assistance from the State
If you are currently already receiving some sort of public assistance (e.g. Medicaid benefits) you may qualify for a discount or a free cremation. Learn more.
  • Major Advantage: Cremstar will work with all relevant state agencies to ensure you're armed with all the documentation you need to secure up to 100% of the cost of cremation.
Donate Body to Science
Perfect for those who are interested in a no-cost cremation and in furthering medical science. Cremstar partners with a number of whole body and organ donation organizations such as Anatomy Gift Registry, MedCure, CORE, and Gift of Life. Learn more.
  • Major Advantage: If you’re accepted into a body donation program, they’ll cover the full cost of cremation.
Top crowdfunding websites like,, and let you raise money collectively from friends and family.
  • Major Advantage: No credit required! Given Cremstar’s low cost, with enough time and promotion, you can collectively gather all the funding you need.
Funeral Trusts (Coming Soon!)
Perfect for those who want to pre-pay their cremation.
  • Major Advantage: By funding the cremation in full, in advance, you accrue interest from day one in a dedicated trust, ensuring you’re covered at your time of need, and the funds are exempt from being counted toward Medicaid or SSI.
End-of-Life Insurance (Coming Soon!)
Perfect for those who want to pay in advance...over time, in installments.
  • Major Advantage: Besides low monthly payments, insurance lets you cover your expenses even if you pass before fully funding the cremation.
If you have any questions, please contact us:
  • By phone: (888) 802-0999, available 24/7. (Se Habla Español.)
  • By email: [email protected]
  • By chat: 7AM - 10PM Eastern Time, seven days a week; click on the round red chat button on the bottom right of the screen.

If you are in immediate need because a death has already occurred, order a direct cremation now. If a death is imminent (i.e. in a matter of days or weeks), visit the Cremstar Cremation Cost Calculator for a price quote and to email yourself a customized "Order Now" link so that you're ready when the death occurs. If you are planning ahead and want to lock in a price for the future, visit our Planning Ahead for Cremation section.