Cremstar in the News

Philly startup aims to make cremation easy and affordable

Crain's Philadelphia, September 5, 2018

5 things to know: Startup seems to be like the Uber of cremation. What?
Dell Poncet – Managing Editor, Philadelphia Business Journal, August 31, 2018

Here we go: A story about death, or more precisely, cremation made easy. Startup Cremstar is kind of like the Uber of Ashes, if you get my drift.
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'Re-branding death' — A Philadelphia startup aims to shake up the funeral industry

by Michelle Caffrey, Philadelphia Business Journal, August 30, 2018

When most consumers are faced with an expense that could cost more than $10,000, they usually do their research. They compare prices, read reviews and talk to people who have been there, done that before buying, often online as digital shopping experiences for even expensive items like cars grows.

But when a loved one dies, that often all goes out the window. The funeral industry, steeped in tradition, has been criticized in the media for its lack of transparency and pricing practices, and in the worst case scenarios, predatory selling practices. trying to change at least one part of the equation...
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