How it Works

We've designed Cremstar to make everything as simple as possible. The entire process can be managed in just a few simple steps. With online chat and our 24/7 phone support, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. Plus, with our email updates, you’ll always know the exact location of your lost loved one, and there are no surprises.

  • Step 1: Order Cremation
    To start, click on the Order Cremation button and enter basic information. The person filling out the forms, the Authorizing Agent, is typically the official Next of Kin; but the person Paying can be someone else—the two people don’t even have to be in the same location. (That’s why you’ll see places to enter two separate names. If the same person is filling out the forms and paying, just enter the same name twice.) Once you have completed this initial step, the Cremstar team begins preparations. Currently, Cremstar accepts most major credit or debit cards, as well as MasterCard/VISA gift cards (available for cash purchase at most grocery stores, drug stores, and gas stations). You can pay online or by telephone. There is no sales tax on cremations.
  • Step 2: Complete Forms
    There are a few official forms that must be completed and signed online. With Cremstar’s streamlined online process, ordering a cremation and completing the required forms can be completed in at little at 15 minutes. Plus, in cases where there are multiple Next of Kin (e.g. the brothers and sisters of the Authorizing Agent), Cremstar automatically contacts them and gathers the required signatures online. As with Step 1, it is not necessary that everyone is in the same location.
  • Step 3: Confirmation of Pickup Details
    After you submit the forms, our funeral director will call to confirm all details. For example, if the deceased is at a private home, they will confirm the address and timing of the pickup.
  • Step 4: Transportation to Crematory
    Transport professionals will pick up your lost loved one from the hospital, residence, or other location, and transport them to the crematory. Depending on the time of day and other factors, it may be necessary to store the deceased in a refrigeration unit overnight prior to cremation.
  • Step 5: Cremation
    As soon as possible?but no sooner than 48 hours from the time of death (due to state law)?the cremation will take place at a qualified, state-licensed crematory. In eastern Pennsylvania, Cremstar works with the Ivy Hill Cemetery and Crematory of Philadelphia, a nationally recognized facility that has been servicing the Mid-Atlantic region for more than 125 years, and the Delaware County Crematory. In western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, Cremstar works with Keystone Cremation. Cremstar only works with state-licensed crematories that are inspected and certified on a regular basis by state regulators.
  • Step 6: Return of Cremains
    The cremains (ashes) are collected and returned to you, according to the method you selected during sign up.
  • Step 7: MemoryBox Memorial
    Each Cremstar customer is entitled to an online memorial of their lost loved one at MemoryBox, the nation’s premier memorialization website and digital cemetery. Create an online community of friends and family to remember, honor and celebrate the life of your lost loved one through shared notes and photos.

Let Cremstar take care of all the paperwork and logistics so you can focus on what’s most important: caring for your family and yourself, and remembering and celebrating the life of your lost loved one.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
  • By phone: (267) 469-0006, available 24/7. (Se Habla Español.)
  • By email: [email protected]
  • By chat: 7AM - 10PM Eastern Time, seven days a week; click on the round red chat button on the bottom right of the screen.

If you have an immediate need, you may always order a direct cremation at 24/7 by clicking on the Order Cremation button below, and a Cremstar representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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