Disposition of Cremains

While urns remain the most common choice, more and more families are choosing from the many unique and highly personal options available.

Urns and such
There are more urn styles available than ever before: from traditional metal, marble, and wooden urns to bespoke 3-D printed pieces crafted here in America. Typical prices range from $99 for a biodegradable recycled paper urn to $325 for marble. Please note, all Cremstar cremations include a basic temporary container for the ashes; it is not necessary to purchase an urn to receive the cremains. Final Spring.

Potted planter
If you're looking for a different way to keep your loved one alive, there are a number of companies that are creating indoor planters designed to house the cremains of your lost loved one and a living tree.
Typical cost: $200 (basic planter only) - $800 (including planter, tree, and smartphone app to monitor growth).
  • Bios Incube: The Bios Incube dramatically improves the most important aspects of the Bios experience. It is the first system created that lets you plant your Bios Urn close to you, and combines the insights of tree growth with data from its environment. Depending on the type of tree, the Bios Incube will water it accordingly.

Hand-Crafted glass jewelry with cremains
More and more Americans are choosing to memorialize lost loved ones by embedding some of the decedent's cremains into hand-crafted glass jewelry that they can wear in daily remembrance.
Typical cost: $200 - $400+
  • Grateful Glass: Local Philadelphia artist Matthew Olian has been working with hot glass for the past twenty years. Matt's quest for glassblowing skill has taken him around the world. He has studied at the renowned Studio at Corning Museum of Glass as well as on the storied island of Murano in Italy, where he learned from some of the world's most respected and talented glass artists.

Transform cremains into diamond
The size, clarity, and the color of your diamond will all affect price. In addition, the business that you choose to make the diamond will also have a bearing on price.
Typical cost: $750 (.03 carat mini) - $20K (1 carat blue)
  • Heart in Diamond: Heart In Diamond is the only certified manufacturer to create genuine cremation diamonds at its own laboratory. And they'll match any offer from another certified manufacturer.

Embed cremains in a firework
Embed cremains in a firework rocket and shoot it into the night sky. Perfect for Vets on the 4th of July. [NOTE: Fireworks displays do not require a permit on private land but check local ordinances.]
Typical cost: $400 for self-firing rockets - $5,000 for a professionally managed event
  • Heavenly Stars Fireworks: While some local American companies are beginning to offer this service, the oldest and most well-known are based in the UK. Heavenly Stars Fireworks offers four (4) self-firing rockets for just $400, shipping not included.

Integrate cremains into a coral reef
Integrate cremains into a coral reef and help support a live maritime garden.
Typical cost: $2K - $7K
  • Eternal Reefs: A Florida-based resource, Eternal Reefs are permanent living legacies that memorialize the passing of a loved one by helping to preserve and protect the marine environment for the benefit of future generations.

Shoot cremains into space
Shoot cremains into space (or, at least, a low orbit so that it spreads across the mantle of the earth).
Typical cost: $750 - $13K
  • Elysium Space: For $2,500 (less than the price of a traditional viewing), you can send your lost loved one's cremains into space on one of Elon Musk's SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets.

Green burial of cremains
Bury cremains under a live tree in a local arboretum. For more information on green burial resources in the Greater Philadelphia area, visit the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Pennsylvania.
Typical cost: $1,000+
  • Penn Forest Cemetery: Penn Forest Cemetery offers the following eco-friendly choices: 2'x2' burial of green urns for $900, plus a $900 interment fee, or $1,800. (Does not include urn or shipping costs.)

Scattering at sea
Scatter your loved one's ashes at sea. Some providers also offer unattended scattering option, for families that cannot be there in person.
Typical cost: $400+
  • Metamorphosis Boat Charters: Located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Metamorphosis Boat Charters provides scattering at sea services for $550; 40 foot vessel; up to 6 passengers. Unattended services also available for $350; includes digital photos or virtual participation via Skype/Facetime. Seasonal Flowers included.

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If you are in immediate need because a death has already occurred, order a direct cremation now. If a death is imminent (a matter of days or weeks), visit the Cremstar Cremation Cost Calculator for an estimate and to email yourself a customized "Order Now" link. If you are preparing for the future, visit our Planning Ahead section.