Planning Ahead

If you are planning for a death that is imminent (i.e., in a matter of days or weeks), click here for our Cost Calculator. Once you've personalized and priced your direct cremation, email yourself a customized, "Order Now" link so that you're ready when the death occurs.

If you are planning for the future, a funeral trust allows you to put aside money now to pay for your cremation when it's needed. This is an easy and popular way to make sure your needs and wishes are met when the time comes. (At this time, we are only offering trusts in Pennsylvania. If the state of residence of the person for whom you are planning is not PA, please check back, as we will be adding additional states in the near future.)

  • Lock it in!
    Pay now and your money will be placed into a trust account, earning interest as a hedge against inflation. That way, you'll always be sure to have the money you need when you need it.
  • Reduce Uncertainty and Stress
    Along with the money in trust, many opt to leave a written guide to be followed, eliminating stressful guesswork for those left behind.
  • Eliminate Financial Burden
    A trust is the perfect way to protect your loved ones from the financial burden of paying for your cremation. And it’s free of probate so you can use it immediately.
  • Medicaid and SSIP Friendly
    Irrevocable prepaid funeral agreements such as this are exempt from being counted as part of your assets when qualifying for state Medicaid or the Social Security Administration's Supplemental Security Income Program. If you are spending down your assets, a trust is a great choice.
  • Well established
    The trust is managed by a national leader in pre-need fund management with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, and normally invested in United States Treasury Bonds.

To purchase a cremation in advance for you or your loved one with our Funeral Trust, please fill in the following information:
Cremstar's price guarantee covers all services whose costs we control, including those performed by the funeral director and Cremstar staff to: care for you or your loved one; manage official filings with the state; arrange for death certificates; and oversee the process that gets you or your loved one's cremated remains back to you or to their final destination.

Certain external costs that are beyond our control are not guaranteed, including local coroner fees, state-charged cost of death certificates, any future state or local fees that might be implemented or change without notice, plus the cost of transportation and cremations, including but not limited to fuel costs that are subject to fluctuating energy prices that may impact the cost of these items, and urns.

To offset these potential increases and to cover inflation, your trust will earn interest. In the event that the total incremental costs for both guaranteed and non-guaranteed items exceed the interest earned through the trust, you may be assessed some additional charges to cover only those services that are non-guaranteed. There is currently no sales tax on cremations.

The trust is irrevocable. That means that the funds you put aside now must be used for cremation or other funeral costs. You are, however, free to choose a different funeral home at any time in the future, and the funds will go to them upon your death. Note, however, that their prices might differ and the price guarantee doesn't apply when you change providers.

By completing this form and submitting payment, I acknowledge that I have reviewed and agree to these acknowledgements, as required by the Federal Trade Commission, these additional terms, and these Terms and Conditions.

Additional notes:
(1) Pickups from private homes require additional logistical support and personnel.
(2) Most county coroners charge a fee in order to receive a cremation certificate.
(3) This covers additional costs for transport to our regional facility.
(4) Cremstar of Pennsylvania does not perform removals of decedents in excess of 350 lbs. If at time of pickup the decedent exceeds the declared weight, a surcharge of at least $150 will be assessed. If the customer refuses to pay this additional surcharge, Cremstar of Pennsylvania will not remove the decedent from the point of pickup, and a cancellation fee of $300 will be assessed.
(5a) If you are picking up the cremains, note that if cremains are not picked up within thirty days, Cremstar of Pennsylvania shall place the cremains into storage. Once placed in storage, in order to receive the cremains, you will be charged a $50 retrieval fee, plus a $100 shipping and handling fee. (5b) If you opt to have cremains shipped or delivered and they are returned undeliverable, we will hold them for thirty days, after which Cremstar of Pennsylvania shall place the cremains into storage. Once placed in storage, in order to receive the cremains, you will be charged a $50 retrieval fee, plus a $100 shipping and handling fee. (5c) If you select "Scatter cremains", Cremstar of Pennsylvania and its third-party crematories are authorized to scatter the cremains at their discretion on your behalf. It is understood that after this scattering, the cremains cannot be recovered.
(6) In some cases, Cremstar of Pennsylvania may select an alternate crematory location, at its discretion and depending on individual circumstances. In such cases, and if you have chosen to pick up the cremated remains, you will be notified of the alternate pickup location.
(7) The 1st death certificate is included at no cost. If ordering more than one certified death certificate, Cremstar of Pennsylvania charges $20/certificate (the same fee the state charges), plus a $10 shipping/handling fee. US Veterans can apply to the state for additional free death certificates for themselves and their immediate family. For details, see our Frequently Asked Questions.