Federal Trade Commission Disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission Trade Regulation Rule for “Funeral Industry Practices” requires certain disclosures and prohibits misrepresentations. This Disclosure/Disclaimer form is a check list we ask those we serve to read and sign. When completing the Authorizations and Signatures form on Cremstar.com, you acknowledge the following.

  1. I was presented a General Price List effective on: June 1, 2019 prior to discussing prices, services, or merchandise.
  2. If caskets were discussed, I was shown a Casket Price List effective on: June 1, 2019 prior to discussing prices or caskets.
  3. If outer burial containers were discussed, I was shown an Outer Burial Container Price List Effective on January 1, 2019 prior to viewing or discussing prices or outer burial containers.
  4. I was not told that embalming is required by law and was told that the law does not require embalming except in special cases. If it was provided, this was done with my permission.
  5. I was not told that any law requires embalming for direct cremations, immediate burial, a funeral using a sealed casket, or if refrigeration is available and the funeral is without viewing or visitation or visitation and with a closed casket.
  6. I was not told that any law requires a casket for direct cremation or that a casket other than an unfinished wood box is required for direct cremation or for direct disposition.
  7. I was told that state law does not require the purchase of an outer burial container or any of the funeral goods and services I selected, except as set forth on the statement of funeral goods and services selected.
  8. No claims were made to me as to the merchandise or other offerings of this funeral firm (embalming, casket, outer burial container) that embalming or the use of any merchandise available from this funeral firm would delay the decomposition of the remains for a long term or indefinite time, or would protect the body from graveside substances.

No representations or warranties were made to me about the protective features of caskets or outer burial containers other than those made by the manufacturer. The only warranties, expressed or implied, granted in connection with goods sold with the funeral service I arranged were the expressed written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacturers thereof. No other warranties and no warranties of merchandising fitness or a particular purpose were extended to me.